Beyond the Neon Episode 1: Were the 80s too scary?

In this first episode, I delve deeper into some of the questions raised by the Adventures in VHS podcast and book. Were the 80s a place of harmless fun or was it too scary for a wide-eyed child with an appetite for film, TV, comics and pop culture?

I explore the paranoia of the previous decades, look at some of the most traumatising movies and shows of the day, and speak to experts like Richard Daniel Curtis (author and child behaviour expert) and Anastasia Dedyukhina (author and founder of Consciously Digital) about how our modern world shapes up by comparison.

Music by Isidor:
Richard Daniel Curtis:
Anastasia Dedyukhina:

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Podcast episode 1: Were the 80s too scary?
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Podcast episode 1: Were the 80s too scary?
Scary 80s movies and creepy 80s commercials defined the decade. This 1980s documentary podcast investigates.
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Beyond the Neon
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