Adventures in VHS

A bit about my first book, Adventures in VHS, which is available to buy in digital format using the widget in the sidebar!

The 1980s home video explosion is a defining moments in our cultural history. VHS offered greater home entertainment control, while opening the door to all sorts of weird and wonderful films. Adventures in VHS is the story of one young boy’s love affair with those films – and his decision to rediscover them in later life.

An authentic recreation of the video rental experience, with an anecdotal exploration of 60 different tapes and full colour reproductions of their glorious artwork, Adventures in VHS is an immersive look at a bygone era through the eyes of someone who, at the time, probably should have been in bed.

(Note: Please ignore the bit in the film about crowdfunding, the book was successfully published independently in 2016… and not by Unbound)