Beyond the Neon – The book

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As the podcast progresses, work continues on the Beyond the Neon book.

Like the podcast, the book explores 1980s popular culture and is backed by academic theory, but is intended to entertain rather than educate.

In addition to historians and pop culture experts, it will (like Adventures in VHS) feature contributions from some of the people who helped shape the cultural landscape of the decade – making it a tempting read for anyone interested in the film, TV, comics, politics and music of the day.

In the tradition of Charlie Brooker, Danny Wallace and Jon Ronson, it will use humour and opinion to make for a fun and engaging read, but at the same time, explore one of the most revered and reviled decades of all time in a new and informative way.

A first draft of the book will be available for publisher consideration in Summer 2020, but should any be interested in the meantime, feel free to get in touch!

Book graphic template courtesy of Anthony Boyd Graphics.