***NOTE: In April 2022 I started a new role (and a new career) as Lecturer / Programme Leader on the Digital Video Production and Marketing BA at University of Salford. As such, some of the info on these pages my not be up to date. I’ll get to it.***

Outside of my professional career, I’ve continued to pursue my interest in film and film marketing across a number of research and writing projects.

This includes a book, a series of documentary podcasts, an academic paper and an upcoming research project specific to modern film marketing techniques.

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A new research project looking specifically at film marketing in a modern and historical context, tackling subjects including:

  • The history of traditional film marketing
  • The evolution of ‘brand’ in 70s and 80s film
  • The evolution of film marketing in the digital age
  • Streaming services and ‘word of mouth’ marketing
  • The Netflix algorithm and personalised marketing


“Why Are We Wearing Bras On Our Heads?” Occult perceptions in the home video era

My first academic paper, delivered as part of the 80s Gothic Symposium in June 2019, covering:

  • How 1980s cinema gave birth to the ‘active gothic’
  • The difference between the active and ‘aesthetic gothic’
  • How the occult empowers the active gothic
  • Occult ‘lessons’ that allow narrative journey completion
  • Character analysis’ in Weird Science, The Breakfast Club and Ghoulies 1-3

Working with Noel has been a pleasure. His problem solving skills, marketing talent and academic presentation skills are exceptional – and weave together his transdisciplinary expertise in an engaging, highly informed manner.

I would strongly recommend Noel for future academic and professional partnerships within industry and academic fora.

Dr Sorcha NĂ­ Fhlainn (FHEA)

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies & American Studies / 80s Gothic Symposium Organiser



After Adventures in VHS, I was keen to explore 1980s pop culture in more detail and with more of an academic focus. Across 11 long-form episodes, the Beyond the Neon podcast looked at:

  • 80s cinema and ‘the birth of film marketing’
  • 80s movie marketing and ‘High Concept’
  • 80s movies and the ‘perception of advertising’
  • 80s toy marketing and ‘the Transformers phenomena’
  • 80s comics and ‘Reagan era heroes and heroism’
  • 80s media ‘moral outrage and satanic panic’

PODCAST AND BOOK (2012-2016)

Adventures in VHS started life as a series of blog posts, but later became a podcast, social media marketing project and eventually a book. The project covered:

  • My childhood experience of the VHS format
  • VHS, shock marketing and audience targeting
  • VHS artwork, poster campaigns and trailers
  • Revered and reviled cult movies of my childhood
  • The resurgence of interest in VHS culture