***NOTE: In April 2022 I started a new role (and a new career) as Lecturer / Programme Leader on the Digital Video Production and Marketing BA at University of Salford. As such, some of the info on these pages my not be up to date. I’ll get to it.***

Since graduating from Manchester Met in 2006, I’ve stayed close to the University as an alumnus, guest lecturer and collaborator.

From 2014, this has included developing course modules and workshops for undergraduate students, as well as annual lectures in marketing, film and more.

Looking for a printable CV? Try this PDF.

VIDEO LECTURES (2020/2021)

Blogging and Content Careers

Created for the Film and Media BA 2021 Spring term, this video lecture covers:

  • Blogging, brand marketing and content
  • Marketing careers (agency and client)
  • 5 things to know about content
  • 5 things to prepare for a content career
  • Establishing and managing your ‘brand’
  • STEPPS and ‘why things catch on’
VHS History and Culture

Created for the Film and Media BA 2021 Spring term, this video lecture covers:

  • The history of VHS as a format
  • Format war: VHS vs Beta
  • Introducing and marketing VHS
  • Controversy, fear and moral panic
  • The cultural impact of VHS
  • The legacy and influence of VHS

“Noel’s enthusiastic and inspirational input provided useful experience for students interested in content, social media and marketing – and several have used these to develop careers in the area on graduation.”

Dr Joan Ormrod – Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer


lectures and Alumni2Student

In addition to updated lectures on blogging, marketing careers, social media, VHS culture and more (see below), I attended an Alumni2Student event designed to:

  • Discuss career aspirations and goals
  • Discuss internships and pathways
  • Offer advice and guidance
  • Share experiences and knowledge


FMS Industry

As part of the FMS Industry programme (formerly Unit X) I produced a series of lectures, seminars and workshops to offer an insight into the content marketing process – and give students a chance to pitch their own content marketing campaign.

  • Introduction and my marketing career
  • Understanding client (MMU) strategy
  • Understanding client (MMU) goals
  • Understanding client (MMU) audience
  • User generated vs branded content
  • The brief and how to approach it
  • Some examples / questions
  • Recap on the last session
  • What makes content ‘shareable’
  • Example of an MMU campaign
  • Creating a campaign ‘story’
  • Other campaign examples
  • How to approach a campaign
  • Pulling it back to audience and goals
  • Recap on the last session
  • Recap on the work done so far
  • How to pitch your idea
  • Structure, visuals and presenting
  • Assessment criteria (MMU)
  • Workshop discussion

“Noel’s lectures on the history and technique of content disciplines has given students an invaluable insight into the marketing profession, while his continued input has helped shape our Unit X programme.”

Dr Emily Brick – Programme Leader, Film and Media Studies

GUEST LECTURES (2014-2018)

The following guest lectures are just a few of those delivered to year 1 and year 2 undergraduate Film and Media BA students between 2014 and 2018. Other topics have included ‘the history of viral video’ and ‘podcasting 101’.

Film Blogging, Social Networks and Media Careers

  • My career in media and marketing
  • Extracurricular work in ‘content’
  • The importance of keeping busy!
  • 5 tips for better blogging
  • 5 tips for better social media
  • What makes content ‘stick’


  • How brands adopt digital innovation
  • The history of commercial ‘blogs’
  • Good branded blog examples
  • Brands adopt social media
  • ‘Adopt or avoid’ new platforms
  • ‘Reactive’ social media content


  • Intro / Adventures in VHS
  • The history of home video in the UK
  • Controversies and format war
  • VHS marketing and artwork
  • The death of VHS and Beta
  • Cultural impact and resurgence


  • The history of VHS as a format
  • Filmmaking innovation in VHS
  • The music/books of Cliff Twemlow
  • The films of Cliff Twemlow
  • The death of Cliff (and VHS)
  • The lost legacy of Cliff Twemlow


In 2014, I worked closely with the Film and Media BA Unit X course leader to develop a programme that would give students a chance to take part in a live brief with my agency MEC.

A series of lectures and workshops introduced students to our client to EE and take part in ideas generations sessions at the agency itself.

Students were introduced to our team to broaden their understanding of agency roles and responsibilities, presenting their ideas back to these colleagues later. Three winners were also selected and awarded a brand new Samsung Galaxy smartphone courtesy of EE.

Bloggers work with big-name film and media companies