What academic colleagues say…

“Noel’s lectures on the history and technique of content disciplines has given students an invaluable insight into the marketing profession, while his continued input has helped shape our Unit X programme.”

Dr Emily Brick – Programme Leader, Film and Media Studies

“Noel’s enthusiastic and inspirational input provided useful experience for students interested in content, social media and marketing – and several have used these to develop careers in the area on graduation.”

Dr Joan Ormrod – Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer

What professional colleagues say…

“With his enthusiasm for marketing trends, rich understanding of brand and tenacity for digital, Noel is a valuable, reliable and adaptable asset to any team.”

Steve Rowe – Founder, The Brand Arthouse (former Creative Director, Agency Spring)

“Noel’s integrated digital marketing experience and skills, coupled with his professionalism and creativity, make him a pleasure to work and collaborate with.”

Simon Misra – Head Of Operations UK, Spring Production (formerly Agency Spring)

What students say…

“Noel helped my understanding of infographics and his ideas inspired me.”

Sophie West, student (Infographics and Spreadable Media lecture)

“I presented my work … confident in what we had produced, which is something I never would have found easy to do before.”

Jengira Begue, student (Media lecture, seminar and worksop series)

“The lecture was very enjoyable and [Noel] was very interesting and funny.”

Ben Liam Wilson, student (Blogging and Media Careers lecture)

“After today I have realised the importance of having an online presence, additionally Noel has re-ignited my interest in writing.”

Tom Parkin, student (Film Blogging and Social Media lecture)

What clients say…

“Noel’s knowledge of promotion and advertising within social media has proved invaluable. Not only is he a great team player he is also innovative and creative.”

Rachel Richardson Jones – Company Director, Not A Number Films

“Noel is a real asset. Thoughtful, self motivated, very knowledgeable about film and media, marketing and maximising use of the web.”

Simeon Halligan – Producer/Director, Grimmfest Films